„We test 4 you!“ is an innovative project, which offers many useful services such as Let’s Play videos, Hardware and Software tests, Unboxing videos, Gaming information and much more. The website was founded in March 2013, however we also have past experience in the gaming industry. „We test 4 you!“ is run by the same team, who used to run ESportBoard a few years back. Most people are familiar with ESportBoard, as it used to be the largest private German ESport website.

Our mission is to offer best reviews on games showing their unique and distinct features. We aim to provide in-depth analysis on how to play games by our experts in the gaming community. Our video reviews help people to get useful information about video games with their overall rating. In our unboxing videos, we provide unbiased information about any product or service. It greatly helps buyers to establish a general opinion about any hardware or software before using it.

These days video games come with hi-tech graphics which requires gamers to update their hardware. Our team at „We test 4 you!“ strives to provide reviews on latest gaming hard- and software. As gaming is all about high-tech hardware, our testimonials can guide users to opt for the right one. Since, new games in the market come with their own set of minimum requirements, it’s important to know which hardware suits best to you!

„We test 4 you!“ also runs a YouTube channel, which remains updated with all latest news and unboxing videos.
Since people want to stay informed through social media platforms, so we also share updates through our Facebook page.

Our team at „We test 4 you!“ is a group of gaming enthusiasts, who aim to offer you best gaming info available online. Our project is called “Dreamjob Initiative”, since we are trying to convert our gaming passion into a successful online business.

According to an estimate, global video game market is valued at US $65 billion. Due to massive size of the video game industry, there are many passionate gamers present in all parts of the globe. Everybody wants to see customer reviews before opting for any product or service. „We test 4 you!“ distinguishes itself from others, when it comes to providing you most current reviews in the market and background information. Our unboxing videos and hardware tests provide reliable information for worldwide community of gamers. We explain pros and cons after using each product, which helps people to make their final decision based on our reviews.
In addition to other websites out there we also try to be very transparent giving you all information to setup a site like our on your own. Which hard- or software is needed? What are the costs? What do you need to know on a legal perspective and much more?

We require active participation from the global community of gamers to provide their valuable feedback about various hardware and software. At „We test 4 you!“, we provide an interactive platform for local and international gaming enthusiasts to actively communicate with each other. No matter if you are a gamer, developer or hardware/software company, you would find great deal of useful information on our website.

If you want to leave any feedback, suggestions or questions, we would be happy to reply you back.