Germany, Aachen – March 30, 2013 – „We test 4 you!“ is a brand new project that offers Let’s Play videos, unboxing videos, hardware and software tests, gaming information and various other things.

We call the project a Dreamjob Initiative because it is based on the fact that if the job you are looking to do is not on offer,
go and create it yourself

„We test 4 you!“ is based on the Dreamjob Initiative to try and make a hobby a business. That is just what we try  to do, and now we are proud to launch our brand new website that will benefit gamers everywhere.
What sets us apart from the rest is that we will deliver background information about how we started, which software we use and thoughts that we made upfront to the start so that in the end everyone interested in doing the same will get a detailed info how to do it without running into the same problems that we ran/will run into.

Not only will teenagers and gamers be interested in „We test 4 you!“, but also companies involved in game creation, hard- and software manufacturing and development. Clans and Guilds are welcome too and might find the site useful as well.

While there are a lot of websites online that offer Let’s Play or Unboxing videos, none are as extensive or as detailed as „We test 4 you!“ will be.


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We have previous experience in the gaming industry. 
The same team that runs „We test 4 you“ also ran the „ESportBoard,“ which was the biggest private german ESport site a few years back.
At the moment, the staff is also working for „Honorbuddy,” which is one of the biggest developer of game bots.
With a wide range of experience with PC’s and gaming hardware, we know how to effectively create and manage gaming communities.

For gamers who would like to get involved in „We test 4 you!“, you can apply to become a moderator or news writer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

A lot of things are still on our TODO-list so make sure you visit our page regulary to see the progress and don’t miss new interesting things.


„We test 4 you!“ staff